Brent Hansen Class of 1975

Profile Updated: March 27, 2011
Residing In: Ninette, MB Canada
Spouse/Partner: single
Occupation: environmental project manager & consultant
Children: Bradley Jay born 1979, single, living in Brandon, Business and Economics Degree; Lisa Beth born 1981, More…married, living in Kitsalano BC, Teacher UBC grad, expecting her first child the beginning of June; Carla Rae born 1984, single, living in Winnipeg, UofM grad with B.A., working for Magellan Travel; Jesse John born 1985, partner is Jolene Young from Souris (her Dad is Bob Young Rivers and her Mom is Rhonda Paddock Oak River). Jesse is an ACC grad, carpenter and father of 5; Carol JAYDE born 2002, Jori Mae born 2003, Jersey Louise born 2007, Jaxsten John born 2009 and Emmit JAGGER born 2010.
What year did you graduate?



I farmed and raised a family with Carol Peters till 1989 when high interest rates and drought ended our farming days. Carol and I were divorced then.

After farming I worked as a contractor in Western Canada de-sludging sewage lagoons for Cities and applying the biosolids to farmland as a source or organic fertilizer.

I re-married in 1994 to another nurse, Diana Yaroslowski, from Brandon. We were married until 2002, when less than a year after Carol was killed in a car accident, Diana left me.

I have been working in the environmental contracting and consulting business for over 20 years.

I currently keep busy with composting projects for Maple Leaf Foods in Brandon, the City of Regina and a few more that I am helping develop.

I have lived at Pelican Lake near Ninette since 2004.

I had a massive heart attack in September of 2005 but have been feeling great ever since.

School Story:

Jokingly tell everyone that I took Phys Ed and Farming in School.

I also tell the engineers I have worked with in the environmental field that where I come from the best engineers usually drive trains.

I am so glad I took typing in 1972-3 from Mrs. Stevenson. I didn't use it again until 1995 when I started using computers, but it really is just "like learning to ride a bike" once you can you always can.

The subject is just starting to come out but I have always lacked "Emotional Intelligence" and because of that I owe alot of people from my school days and in life a very big apology. I wish it could be taught in school...

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